The Life of a Staffing Professional

(This article first appeared on There are probably lots of more difficult, more stressful, and more thankless jobs, but one thing’s for sure – there’s no job on the planet quite like staffing. It’s hard enough to meet and exceed the expectations of one set of customers, something every for-profit company is required to… Read more »

How to win friends and influence staffers

Like it or not, often the quickest way to an entry-level position that doesn’t require you to ask, “Do you want fries with that?” is through a temp agency. Get placed, keep your nose clean for at least 90 days (sometimes longer), and you could be some company’s newest full-time employee, hopefully with benefits to… Read more »

Why are we the best of the best?

  You might wonder why we’re making such a big deal of this Inavero ‘Best of Staffing’ Award. Isn’t it just another ‘random’ award, kind of like some music award show they seemingly have every other month, except not as prestigious because it’s, well, staffing, right? Not exactly. You see, the Inavero award is the… Read more »

Crazy staffing stories

  There’s no doubting it – we definitely do snow different in the South. If I had a dime for the number of call-offs we receive every time there’s even a HINT or minutia of snow in the air or on the ground (or drifting out of someone’s freezer), I’d be able to buy a… Read more »

The Measures of Our Success

Several months ago, while pushing a buggy down a Walmart aisle with one of my kids, I heard someone call my name. Now, before I delve into the nature of this particular encounter, in the interests of full disclosure I’ll admit that I often cringe when somebody I don’t know calls me by name in… Read more »