Do Company Dress Codes Affect Performance And Retention?

In an era where qualified labor is increasingly scarce, smart companies are looking for every possible edge to attract and retain workers. And while there may not be as much money in the budget for cost drivers like higher pay and benefits, some perks that might mean the world to employees may not cost any… Read more »

In Staffing, You’ve Got To Sweat The Small Stuff!

  I wrote this post to a staffing industry audience, but I’d like to think it gives some good insights into the way we try to do business. Sweating the “small stuff” is critical to maintaining the highest levels of customer service, and although nobody is perfect, it’s something we try to do every single… Read more »

Kingsport Branch Manager Samantha Gray Reps AtWork On Good Day Tri-Cities

Kingsport AtWork Branch Manager and well known area blues artist Samantha Gray made a series of summer appearances representing AtWork Personnel on WKPT TV’s Good Day Tri-Cities with co-hosts Morgan King and Whitney Carr. As a part of our company’s sponsorship of the program’s “Guest Host For a Day” contest, Samantha not only did several 5-minute… Read more »

Are American Colleges And Universities Doing More Harm Than Good?

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this column are the opinions of the author and don’t necessarily represent the views of AtWork Personnel I wasn’t around in the 60’s, but from what I understand colleges were pretty messed up then, what with all the hippies, pot-smoking, horrid tie-dye, and Vietnam war protesting going on. Since then,… Read more »

Don’t Be A Job Hopper!

  Your reputation tends to doggedly follow you around wherever you go in life… eventually. Unlike your shadow, your rep usually has a bit of a delayed presence. If you’re a back-stabber, or a liar, or a chronic nose-picker, or are just really, really whiney, it’ll generally take new acquaintances a while to pick up… Read more »

Immediate job openings for qualified candidates – August 2013

 Image courtesy of Dan at From Knoxville, TN to Roanoke, VA and everywhere in between, we’ve got more jobs than flies on a cow patty! Be sure to check out our August Big Job Board, because you just might find something for yourself or a friend or family member looking for work. If you are… Read more »

Immediate job openings for qualified candidates – June 2013

  From Knoxville, TN to Roanoke, VA and everywhere in between (including a few remote places), we’ve got more jobs than you can shake a stick at! Check out our Big Job Board for June. You might find something for yourself or a friend or family member looking for work.   Abingdon, VA, Senior Weld… Read more »

Three ways job seekers eliminate themselves

We’re constantly honored and humbled by the steady stream of fantastic people that walk through our door and allow us the privilege of helping them find employment. Were it not for them, we wouldn’t be in business at all! There are, however, a percentage of folks who come to us (and doubtless every other company… Read more »

“I’ll Take Any Work You Give Me Except That. And That…”

While the majority of the people who come to us looking for work are wonderful candidates who we are happy to try to help in any way we can, we, like any other employer, sometimes deal with people like the one in this article! Again, we are honored to have had this post published in… Read more »

Tennessee Works to Bring Jobs Back to US

Off-shoring and Outsourcing have been concerning to Americans for some time now. However, Tennessee and Nissan have been at the leading edge of the trend to bring jobs back to the US. The state of Tennessee has spent some time, along with several other states, working with Japanese manufacturers to return jobs to the American… Read more »