Three Great Business Reasons To Use a Staffing Agency

In today’s economy, you’ve got to have great people to be successful. Duh, right? That’s an obvious statement that’s easy to say, but much more difficult to actually put into practice. Why? Well, unless you’ve had your head in the sand the past couple of years you also know there’s this thing called a labor… Read more »

Here’s What Our Associates Can Expect From Us

  It’s always good to remember the ultimate reason we’re able to provide the service we do – our associates in the field. Without the people who come to us looking for employment, the individuals who make us look good by showing up every day and working hard at our clients, we wouldn’t be in… Read more »

How Do We Handle An Employee With Body Odor Issues?

What with the amazing technological advances people have been able to devise in the last hundred years or so, given the absurd levels of human understanding we’ve achieved unimaginable to the likes of Da Vinci, Aristotle, or Newton, one might think we as a species should pretty much have this body odor thing licked by… Read more »

Seven Habits of Successful Staffing Agencies

    Generally, only the best survive long-term in staffing, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a LOT of staffing agencies. It seems like everybody these days thinks they can open up a staffing business with a 401K withdrawal, a cell phone and a prayer. Just hang a sign, start knocking on doors, and rake… Read more »

Why Are People Working Fake Jobs When There’s Real Work To Be Done?

    How would you like to have a fake job, selling fake products, pushing fake paperwork, and even a drawing a fake paycheck? Think I’m kidding? I wish I were. In France, the “employees” of Candelia company, an office furniture “seller,” come into work every day, process “invoices,” deal with “suppliers” and “customers,” type… Read more »

Six Ways The Government Is Wrecking Our Economy

    Just the other day, the CEO of one of our shared clients, Edward Gniewek of Bristol Compressors, made the news by speaking out about the lack of skilled workers to fill their positions. Gniewek said, “Tuesday, we had to operate the plant with 35 fewer people than what we need. It makes it very difficult for… Read more »

How To Land A Job Through A Staffing Agency

  If anything is constant about a staffer’s job, it’s the never ending, day-in, day-out dealing with people. Don’t get me wrong, people are great – and if you don’t like working with them this is one job you won’t be in very long – but they are also mind-numbingly different, confusing, and awfully hard… Read more »

Why Would Someone With No Job Consider ANY Work “Beneath Them?”

  For decades, right or wrong, McDonald’s has been synonymous with “bottom of the barrel” employment. If you couldn’t find any other job – scraping gum off of middle school desks, picking dead animal carcasses off the road, cleaning crime scenes, shoveling rabbit dung… you name it – you could always go “work at McDonald’s.”… Read more »

Does Your Criminal Background Check Policy Protect You?

  Do you conduct criminal background checks for your job candidates? If so, while you’re in line with about two-thirds of U.S. organizations, your policies regarding this issue could come under scrutiny. That’s what happened to Apple recently, whose refusal to employ felons in the construction of its new $5 billion headquarters has come under some… Read more »

What Is A Black Hat Staffing Agency?

  Do you know some of the ways “black hat” staffing agencies try to get a leg up on the competition by violating the ASA’s “Code of Ethics?” You should. Because it happens more often than you think, and impacts you and the industry. A prominent page on the American Staffing Association’s website lists a… Read more »