Whatever You Do, Don’t Burn Those Bridges!

The thought of telling a boss to ‘take this job and shove it’ may sometimes be an appealing one, at least on a particularly bad day at work, but in all reality there are very few areas of life where burning one’s bridges is ever a good idea. Especially when it comes to any sort… Read more »

Here’s What Our Associates Can Expect From Us

  It’s always good to remember the ultimate reason we’re able to provide the service we do – our associates in the field. Without the people who come to us looking for employment, the individuals who make us look good by showing up every day and working hard at our clients, we wouldn’t be in… Read more »

How To Land A Job Through A Staffing Agency

  If anything is constant about a staffer’s job, it’s the never ending, day-in, day-out dealing with people. Don’t get me wrong, people are great – and if you don’t like working with them this is one job you won’t be in very long – but they are also mind-numbingly different, confusing, and awfully hard… Read more »

Introducing Our Brand-New Job Board!

  What if there was an easy way to display our open job opportunities in an easily navigable, searchable, accessible, editable online database that could readily be found via search engines and quickly responded to by job seekers not only in our service areas, but all over the country? Well, thanks to Haley Marketing, our… Read more »

How to win friends and influence staffers

Like it or not, often the quickest way to an entry-level position that doesn’t require you to ask, “Do you want fries with that?” is through a temp agency. Get placed, keep your nose clean for at least 90 days (sometimes longer), and you could be some company’s newest full-time employee, hopefully with benefits to… Read more »

Mike Rowe on how to find your soul-job

  There’s nobody out there who knows more about the working world, especially those jobs that are, well, a bit less than clean, than the Discovery Channel’s Mike Rowe (Dirty Jobs). The other day, Mike published some excellent advice on his Facebook page to someone seeking advice on finding the perfect job for him. Check… Read more »

Five Ways to Stay Off Our Blacklist

Whether you’re between jobs, looking for a better job, or just starting out in this wild, wacky adventure we call work, staffing firms can be an excellent tool to have at your disposal. Since our business model demands that we actually put people to work in order to keep our doors open, if we see… Read more »

The Classy Way to Leave a Job

  The focus of most career-related advice is rightly on how to GET a job – how to build that resume and cover letter, where to look, how to interview, and even how to conduct oneself on that first day and thereafter. That makes sense, of course, because to someone without a job, getting a… Read more »

Cover Letter Blueprint

Cover letters seems to be a lost art. In a world of emailed resumes many job seekers believe a short email with an attachment will be enough. Many employers are requesting cover letters from potential candidates to provide additional insight into them as individuals and help determine who stands out in the crowd. So how… Read more »

Our business is your success!

Our business is your success. Sounds like a great maxim, right? It may very well be in the corporate publicity-speak of many a company, but who really, truly means it? Sure, they may want people to be successful in the sense that, if they are, they’ll have plenty of money to spend on their products,… Read more »