Three compelling reasons to connect with us on social media

Some of you have probably noticed that we are taking methodical steps to expand our ‘social media’ presence. We’ve recently started a weekly newsletter. In fact, that’s probably why you’re reading this now. In addition to our Monday business-focused blog, we are doing a Friday blog that could be about any topic under the sun,… Read more »

Six dire predictions for 2013

By: Scott Morefield Despite the best prognostications of the ancient Mayans, Jim Jones, the Millerites, Heaven’s Gate, and a gazillion other doomsday cults and would-be prophets who predicted we’d be long gone by now, it looks like 2013 will be coming right on schedule, with bells on. So, with Christmas behind us and the New… Read more »

Will they win the war on Christmas?

By: Scott Morefield Boston, Massachusetts became the first major city to rename their official decorated tree from ‘Christmas Tree’ to ‘Holiday Tree’ in 2005, prompting the Nova Scotian logger who donated the tree to proclaim that he’d rather see it cut up and tossed in a wood chipper than call it a ‘holiday’ tree. In… Read more »

Crazy excuses for calling out of work!

Call-offs are the bane of every employer, some more than others. Staffing agencies definitely have more than our fair share simply because of the nature of the service we provide – many of the people employed with us are either on a temporary assignment, on the bottom of their career ladder, at the beginning of… Read more »

Five ways to prevent ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ at work

By: Scott Morefield The AMC drama The Walking Dead has quickly become one of the most watched programs on cable television. Its unique blend of compelling, easy to root for characters and depressing apocalyptic scenery filled with brain-dead, flesh-eating zombies keeps viewers on the edge of their seats and conversations around water-coolers buzzing the next… Read more »

Black Friday adventures at Walmart

I’m not exactly sure how I got snookered into going to Walmart at 7:30PM on Thanksgiving evening (OK, maybe it had something to do with four kids and cheap toys, but whatever…). Every year my wife, the consummate, veteran Black Friday shopper, does it, either that night or Friday morning. She’s told me war stories,… Read more »

The best way to beat the blues

By: Scott Morefield If there’s one thing as certain as death and taxes, it’s that this life is full of TROUBLE. Even Jesus said as much. In between all the uplifting promises everyone likes to focus on, you know, all that stuff about God being in control, caring about sparrows and people too, eternal life to those… Read more »

Has the internet killed civility?

By: Scott Morefield, AtWork Personnel – Bristol, TN Job hunting is hard work, but it’s not as hard as it used to be. Once upon a time, job hunters had to not only walk 5 miles to each potential employer… uphill… both ways… in the snow… they also had to climb out of bed before… Read more »