What if there was an easy way to display our open job opportunities in an easily navigable, searchable, accessible, editable online database that could readily be found via search engines and quickly responded to by job seekers not only in our service areas, but all over the country?

Well, thanks to Haley Marketing, our website developers, there is such a way – our brand-new online Job Board!

When you visit our Job Board (click the hyperlink or simply click “search jobs” to the left of this site) you will see a real-time snapshot of our open positions across Eastern Tennessee, Southwest Virginia, and Northern Georgia, all the way from Roanoke, VA to Knoxville, TN and south to Gainesville, GA and even the Atlanta area!

The positions are organized and searchable by Industry and State (left-hand columns), with the location city on the right.

From the page of any open position, you can simply click a button to “apply online” for that position. If the position doesn’t interest you but might interest someone you know, you can copy the link and email it to someone or even share it on your Facebook or Twitter accounts.

You can also sign-up to receive job updates when a category is posted that interests you, as well as our occasional newsletters and other career-oriented news.

So, please visit our Job Board, sign-up, and bookmark it so you can keep coming back again and again. After all, you never know when we’ll post the perfect job for you!

Written by Scott Morefield

Since beginning his AtWork career in 1999, Scott has served as Staffing Manager, then Branch Manager | Social Media Manager, and now his current role as Director of Marketing. By night, Scott is a news and opinion columnist for BizPac Review. His op-eds have also been featured on the Drudge Report, The Hill, Fox Nation, Breitbart, National Review, TheBlaze, The Federalist, and WND, among others. Scott holds a bachelor’s degree in Human Resources and an MBA from East Tennessee State University. He and his wife, Kim, live in Bristol, Tennessee with their four children.

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